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Our start up is to be focused on doing sport/sport activities, socializing with people while doing sport, learning from professionals or experienced ones and having additional fun while on holiday or somewhere else. 

Train-Time, new application that permits people to share their hobbies together.

The focus is to train specific sport at home country or while you are travelling, meet new people and integrate with them to the society, have fun, enjoy doing an activity, learn something new and get experienced and acknowledged about yourself. 

The idea of our project consist of creation of new products and services, offer a new range of activities for people. My specialties are doing sport, languages learning, travelling, economy,  public services and transport. The objective is to connect people across the world by doing something proactive, give them new options what to do, how to connect and understand better local culture and integrate them quicker.

Do you like sport, but you don't have anyone to practice with you?
Do you want to improve in your activity and meet new people.

Do you want to be active while you are on holiday, learn new things from locals, have fun and perform sport together ?

Do you like traveling and trying new things or discover new hidden spots and train like a "professional" ?

Do you have your hero, or do you want to meet professionals, famous people or specialists/trainers in your interested sport domaine ?


Principe of the Project - Choose Your Way

Our team

Lukas Bilek

CEO, Founder, Visionary, Ideas Developer, Polyglot, Sport Doer

Meet Lukas = I am from the Czech Republic, I always loved sport, meeting people, learning new things. I always wanted to be active, bring something new to people, contribute to better off for the society and have fun. 

I am CEO of this project and I want to give people new opportunities, new options and ways how to be active, have fun, practice some sport, travel, meet new people and contribute to better future. 

I speak Czech, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian. 

Ivan Banha

CTO, IT GEEK, Full stack developer

Hello, My name is Ivan, I am from Ukraine,

I and Lukas have created this project to give people new opportunities to practice sports. I am the CTO of this project. One of my most favorite activities is hiking. Fortunately, there are several mountains and mountain ranges, in my region, there you can find several the coolest trails. I always go hike on these trails because you can see many beautiful landscapes on the way. 

Furthermore, as a Web Developer, I like much technical stuff like computers, programming high tech gadgets. I’m trying to develop myself as a mobile photographer.

I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English

Fru Celestine


Hi there!, I am Fru Celestine, originally from the Republic of Cameroon, now permanently reside in Ukraine, Kyiv, to be precised.

I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I gave it a whole lot of thought and realized coding would be the best way to reach more people. Working together as a team on the train-time project only increased my anxiety for helping others reach their goals. In my spare time i go to the gym, learn some new skills and make new friends. To co-workers, I am dedicated, outgoing, and a team player. Not limited to that, i am social, have a good sense of humor and more of a family man. speak English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

Ivan Fedenko

front-end developer

Strongly, passionately and selflessly, I love mountains. This love began about 15 years ago, when I first went on a real hike – with tents, food cooked on a fire, mosquitoes, terrible cold at night, spring water. Since then, every year I went on mountain hikes. It became such a strong habit that even when I left for another city, I still kept in touch with my old “mountain” company of friends and joined them on hikes whenever I could. I love the mountains for the opportunity to take a break from the frantic pace of the city. You can relax, do not run anywhere, do not even answer the phone – moreover, most of the time in the mountains “does not catch”. love mountains for the opportunity to test myself. On one of the hikes on the first day it was so hard that I began to wonder if I should continue … maybe I have already become too old for the mountains? And then on the second day a second wind opened and the 12-hour transitions were easy. I love mountains because they teach me to overcome problems again and again. Each conquered mountain is like a defeated problem in life. Since I started going to the mountains, I definitely began to overcome all kinds of life difficulties and difficulties more confidently. After all, if you have conquered the mountains, then in comparison with them the problems seem to be mere trifles.



FRONT-END developer

Hey! My name is Ostap. Friends call me Ostin Powers.
Sometimes I am a little bit crazy, I like to try something new. It broadens my outlook. I am quite shy and quite but once I know the place and the people I interact a lot. In my free time I like to read books, travell and see new things. In this project I see myself, I want to give something new to people, help them and make everyone happy. 
I always try improve myself. New people, cultures and places inspire me.

I am from Ukraine, speak Ukrainian, Russian, English



Hello, Bom dia para todos, 

My name is Flavio, I am Brazilian, lived all my life in Sao Paulo, now thanks to this project and Lukas I was able to come to Prague and develop and bring this project into my country where sport, meeting foreigners and travelling are among the main hobbies. In the project I am responsible for technical consultations, wordpress design and SEO marketing .

I love IT gadgets, new technologies, meeting people and sharing cultures. 

I speak Portuguese, English, and a bit of Czech


Hello/Hola/Merhaba, I am Rhonal, originally from Colombia, but living in Turkey. I am an excellent example of this project can work with me, I do specific work-out outside and always look for someone to help me to train. 

I am international Expats who also likes languages, computer science, new software and programming languages. I work in Train-Time start up in front-end/ backend part providing solutions to help the system to run and code along. 

I speak Spanish, English, Turkish.

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