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10 EXCUSES that people say not to exercise

HI guys, this is Train Time, I decided to write this article in order to give you another stimulation, show you some obvious facts and motivate you to join us or simply start doing activities rather than be frustrated at your job, 

family or any other matter. 

You can google, bing, yahoo or whatever ‘it’ but the truth is that you should do AN exercise each day at least 30 minutes, otherwise you put on weight, you feel worse, your testosterone don’t go normally and you start facing some unpleasant facts.

If you don’t follow the statements you will probably tell me following: 

EXCUSE me #1: I’m too tired to exercise.   

the funny thing about this that sport or an activity make you wake up, it gives you a new energy, boost your morale, increase your blood flow and your heart is pumping more oxygen to your brain which surprisingly will be more productive and you operate faster, you smile more. 

so what to do and how to exercise:

Solution 1/ let’s say that you are overweight (yes i know it is hard to admit it ) so simple put your shoes on and go for a walk, listen music, discover places. You would be surprised how many places you can discover around your neighborhood that you would not be able to discover while driving your car. 

btw. did you realize that you meet so many interesting people while you are walking that you can think of so many different ideas. how, well ask us we will explain to you. 

Solution 2/ would you be ok if a friend comes to your place and literally kicks you out of your chips/ice cream or whatever pizza ‘sh..’ you are about the order and eat…. btw. have you ever read what does it mean the word ‘calorie’ and what it is associated to ? I mean i am not about healthy giving lecture, 

but don’t i hate it when it is warm and I sweat ( and everything smell on me, btw. I have this problem). This sweat means one thing, there is a lot of shit that is trying to get out of you, let it go … thank you.

Solution 3/ can you wake up 30 minutes earlier than usually, can you buy yourself a pad and some simple weight to exercise with. it cost you what ? …. few bucks, euros, real, yen…. My point is that it does not take so much to start with something event though you are lazy… Btw. is it possible that you switch your cell phone off during that time. I mean does it give you something to know that 

some sh.. is happening, it will always happen, so just absorb it like it, release your mind, do your 30 minutes and than go to work, period !

EXCUSE me #2: I can’t afford a gym. 

Solution 1/ by going to gym I don’t necessary mean to really go to the gym but exercise, in whatever way. for instance how you go to work, by car … hmm boring do you live so far away that there is no other way. Compare costs is it too difficult to do it ?

how much cost you to drive your superb car and to take a transport where you have to walk a bit or even to bike to your work. By biking you can commute and meet other people who are doing the same. Most of cities nowadays support this model, + we should all learn from this crazy period and situation that happen everywhere by simply changing certain habits. 

Well one of them is the way how you commute to your work. 

EXCUSE me #3: I don’t have time. Or I am a full time parent.     

Solution 1/ well if you love kids like I do, than there should not be a problem to do some exercise with them, yes they might be bored but at least they will see their “daddy” “mommy” to be doing something together. Both of you might ask each other questions that naturally rise and you can have common interests after few days/training. 

Solution 2/ ok you brought your kids to training and you are waiting and you have to be connected to your work, well can’t you do this from some garden, park or coffee place, where you simply walk with your computer. In the meantime you have time to think about what you want to say and do, and trust me this time will save you a lot effort. 

if you did not do it than tell me is your life depending on 30 minutes of a computer research ? if yes than tell me what is it worth of ?I mean you have just brought your kids to an activity, someone called you and said in an half an hour you must be there in that conference. So you want to tell me that your life depends on that and 

you can’t walk get fresh air and think about it in different way ?!

Between kids, commuting, work and other responsibilities of life, our modern 24/7 lifestyle often leaves us feeling like there is just not 

enough time in the day to fit in a workout. Exercise becomes a low priority in our already crammed schedules.

EXCUSE me #4: I need to be motivated to exercise.       

Solution 1/If losing weight or your general health isn’t enough of reason to exercise and you need extra incentives, look for ways to find what will work to motivate you to get moving.

EXCUSE me #5: I don’t like to exercise alone. 

Solution 1/Well what it is not easier than just make a request that you are looking for your training buddy and start exercising with him. Both/all of you will be pleased, can exchange a lot of informations while doing the activity, can have a fun and see other perspectives in your life. 

EXCUSE #6: I get bored easily. Exercise is no fun.   

Solution 1/ There is a rule in every single thing that you are doing in your life: “What does not kill you, make you stronger”, ok I got it you don’t like the word “kill you” ok so what if I say, that you can listen your MP3, so let’s say that there are things that you would like to listen but you have no time. 

so send them to your Mp3 and problem solved. Also let me remind you that for instance running gives a lot of new ideas, keep you thinking and your brain receives information way faster than in normal process thinking. 

Excuse me #7: I’m too old/fat/uncoordinated/embarrassed to exercise.

When something is foreign or uncomfortable, it’s a natural response to avoid it.  Whether you feel too old, too overweight, or ridiculous in workout clothes, there is a simple solution.  Start small, but start with something.

Solution 1/ by this start small I mean just go for an easy activity, I mean again you meet different people, you forget about your problems and rather than that you get to think about solutions. You can go for swimming, walking in the forest, even for the price that you drive there if it is far away. 

Bike – electric bike – well if you are working than it means that you make certain amount of money and than you can afford it, if none of this is truth, than you need to ask yourself a question, what am I doing wrong / btw. it is called ‘self-reflection’ and sometimes it is really good to do it. /

EXCUSE me # 8: I’ve tried before. Or I can’t stick with a program.   

Solution 1/ write down your goal or what you are doing and how it should be and stick it in your flat in visible places. It is called “passive learning ” or recognition. Yes your partner might not like it at first. But if the partner loves you

it is so easy to understand it and have a mutual conversation about it. So simply put it somewhere where you go often: “toilet, bathroom, fridge…”

EXCUSE me #9: I don’t like to work out around the opposite sex.   

Exercising around the opposite sex can often make you feel uncomfortable, or inadequate.

Solution 1/ Well you can always exercise from your home or around right, just switch off your cell phone for an half an hour/the world will stay the same I promise/ and do what you suppose to do, or go to any park and find your favorite place and that’s it. 

EXCUSE me #10: I don’t like to sweat. Or I don’t want to take another shower and reapply makeup.       

Sweat is your body’s way of cooling and detoxifying itself.  The amount of sweat you produce depends on several factors including your gender, age, fitness level, genetics and how hard you are working. However, exercise doesn’t have to mean you end up dripping in sweat. There are many exercises that burn calories and build muscle while not leaving you sweaty. If you are avoiding exercise because you hate to sweat or don’t have time to freshen up, here are a few ideas…

Solution 1/ well simply break it into several exercise during the day / 15,30 minutes of whatever you like to do, the point is to be persistent / How to do it. Well you can wake up 30 minutes earlier than normally right, well unless you have a business lunch dinner you can take 15 minutes off and do some exercise right. Again swimming comes in a favor. 

So  No more excuses??!! or did I forget something

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