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Read Train Time social content and gallery page in order to see our articles, see our approaches to new modern ways of offering ‘free’ and new opportunities for people.

From the Author – Train Time is something new that people needs to absorb, we are visionary and want to develop new ways and opportunities for people with the focus on sport, doing activities and sharing them among each other.

Project Malaysia – Selamat datang

Highest Peak in Borneo 4095 metres

Mount Kinabalu – the highest peak in Malaysia and Borneo island. Famous for its walking track, where you observe very diversified nature, meeting local people and seeing the real life of many Malaysians who life day by day their life carrying heavy material for basements there. The ascent itself is very enjoying but can only be done in a group of people with your guide. It takes up 2 days to do it. Physical level is high and you will definitely need some massage or rest for your legs as they will shiver. Big downturn of this activity is the organization and signing up for the trip for a “normal” price. In case of an interest to know more about how to get it cheaper, where to sleep, how to get there conveniently, what you should know and key aspects of the life, language and business overview of Malaysia, ask us for more, Train Time

Do you want to train with the Champion of Kinabalu run track ? meet your mentor for that, sign up for Train Time activities.
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