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Would you like to be part of this project and work with us to bring new opportunities to the people ? Here is who we are looking for and description of our on-going projects.

Front-end (ReactJS) Developer

Posted 5 days ago


Requirements for the position:

  • Good knowledge of ReactJS
  • Good knowledge of Redux (Redux-Thunk)
  • Understanding of how SEO works
  • Experience with animations in ReactJS
  • Experience with testing of React app
  • Knowledge of NodeJS

Will be plus if you know:

  • How to create UI templates in Figma
  • How to optimize UI for smartphones and tablets
  • How to work with SSR in React


Posted 5 days ago


  • Good knowledge of design
  • being very communicative and creative 
  • Understanding of how SEO works
  • good knowledge of figma, adobe, photoshop
  • positive, proactive attitude
  • Currently as of 6/3/2020


  • We are trying to implement projects focusing on following aspects: example of a school that would need someone for a dance or any other sport, or a traveler who comes to your city and simple want s to connect pleasure with a good aspect.


  • we want to introduce a new approach to facing “expensive tariffs ”  = common problem many people can’t afford it, let’s present to people your ski knowledge, you don’t a need a licence for that. 


  • We want to develop and bring into attention less favorite or known sports into attention to people


  • we want to interact with the user and recommend the user free places outside where the user can go for the training. 


  •  We want to start and motivate travellers who are good at some activity/sport or simply who can teach their language to come to local schools,universities and while they are travelling to teach local kids/teenagers/adults or even staff members.  We will call this project exchange learning session – sport education to embrace development and bring new possibilities into static fields of education.


  • We want to disrupt expensive sports where anyone who wants to practice the activity has to pay a lot of money (in that way) the activity is only limited to rich people. Our aim is to bring it to everyone, so everyone can try it and find possible new way of building its carrier. Our promo would be on beginning focused on sports such are ( skying, golf..) where to start, develop skills and find out how to do it costs a lot of money. 


  • We want to support and share local initiatives somewhere with the rest of the world. We want to support introduction of new sport domaines, disciplines, participating in building infrastructures and creation of new fields and values for local people.  The objective is to promote sports, help find investments and investors  (currently we want to promote following sports : Dancing classes specific to the origin of the country (Latin America, Africa) Training outside (usage of free space in combination with good weather conditions ) , summer spike, ultimate frisbee, world chase tag, blid man’s buff )
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