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Frequently Asked Question

Hey guys what is really Train Time about ?

Hey Train Time is about giving new opportunities to anyone who likes to do sport, some activity while on travel, holiday or simply want to meet and exercise with some professional or improve its performance.

How can I participate in this project ?

Well there are many ways, you can create your own events, or in case you are looking for something you can create request activity. You can also participate in some activity created by others. Finally you can participate and get led by professionals doing some competition or public event. In case that you would like to help us in more substantial way, we are always looking for people to help us implement new projects, new options for people, so there are always ways of how we can participate with you.

Can I charge people for the activity ?

Yes you can, we have standard payment system available for you where you choose your price, your terms and availability and than you just let us to work the rest through and find you clients.

What must be my fitness level in order to participate or offer an event ?

Well the good think is that you choose it you, Train Time is for anyone, you can be a beginner or skilled professional sportsman. You can first learn from others, find out your skills and passion for something and than you can start offering your services. In General we have 4 levels of fitness record : Local, Trainer, Enthusiastic, Profesional. We are sure you can choose between.

What are the main reasons why people should be doing sport Lukas?

Well my case , you can research it if you don’t believe me but when I do sport my mind gets easy and I have many more ideas than in any other activity working. Basically to get something good from me let me do my sport. I believe that few minutes can help your body, your mind, and bring you new opportunities and ideas in your life. 


We have a lot of mottos based on real stories, experiences and talks among sport people, choose the one that most suits to you.

"Na tom co je okolo nesejde, důležité je co chceš dokázat "

"If I do something, I want to achieve something and get somewhere"

"Tam kde většina lidí vidí trouble, já vidím velkou příležitost , neboli umění převrátit slabiny a špatný věci v dobrý věci a přednosti "

“I did not consider myself the smartest guy in the  room. I didn’t really do well in school, “But one of my best attributes is I am willing to work hard and keep showing up day after day, and that’s the most important thing to success as an entrepreneur. ” One of my attributes is the devotion to the activity, how I like to share an activity with people, have fun and train to learn new things. In sport you are like in your life, there are ups and downs. Ups are easy, don’t show much, only downs.  Test yourself and show your preparedness of how you reflect problems. “

“My big dream is to run across all the cities in the world, meet people and share my knowledge with them in their language”

“Don’t you let other people to tell you what to do, be responsible for your own mind and decide yourself, you can’t do something, you got a dream you got to protected, people say themselves they can’t do it, don’t share or believe in it, you want something, go get it, period. !”

“Sport can change a lot of things, can be remedy, treatment, solution for many problems… use it in a good way…”

Business motteos

"I view business as the same path. You're going to fall on your face a few times, you're going to screw up and fail. You're going to learn from the failures. It takes time," "But if you are willing, have the determination, have the grit, ultimately it's inevitable you will succeed."
I can see how many entrepreneurs are too eager to give up and how they are influenced by their surroundings, when they don't see results - even if they might be on the cusp of a breakthrough.
"I think a lot of people don't want to put in the time or they don't realize they're that close when you're just about to be successful,"  "You can't see it, you can't see the future, and a lot of people give up before they take off."
"If you really want to do it, run your company and do your own thing, you've got to put in the time."

Add your own

Would you like to add your mottos, ideas, sentence speeches related to your life, training, achievements ? if Yes, please contact us and we will add you with your initials.